Exploring GitHub Copilot Pricing Plans

GitHub Copilot is bringing revolutionary AI-powered programming assistance to developers worldwide. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about GitHub’s Copilot pricing models, plans, and options to help you gain full access.

What is GitHub Copilot?

In brief, GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer that directly provides contextual code completions, suggestions, and templates in your editor. It learns from public code to generate natural responses fitting your style.

Pricing Models Overview

GitHub offers pricing for both individuals/small teams and larger business customers:

  • Individual Plans: Monthly or yearly subscription
  • Business Plans: Per-user monthly licenses through GitHub Enterprise

Let’s explore each approach and additional access programs in depth.

Individual Plan Options

For non-commercial usage, GitHub provides:

  • Monthly Plan: $10/month
  • Annual Plan: $100/year (saves ~17% versus monthly)

This caters to freelancers and solopreneurs. Both offer full Copilot functionality.

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Business Plan Details

The business plan charges $19/user/month through GitHub Enterprise for organizations. Benefits include:

  • Team Access & Billing
  • Dedicated Support
  • SSO, Audit Logging
  • No Per-User License Fees

Volume discounts are available for larger deployments.

Free & Discounted Access Programs

GitHub facilitates Copilot accessibility through initiatives like:

This exemplifies their priorities around education and community.

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Additional Information

Key points about pricing:

  • Prices are subject to adjustment over time as usage evolves
  • Direct purchases provide perpetuity, while subscriptions bill annually
  • Business clients negotiate customized contract pricing
  • Prorated refunds for individual plan cancellations within 7 days

Transparency helps evaluate the right solution for needs and budget.

Comparing GitHub Copilot Pricing Plans

Let’s summarize GitHub Copilot pricing visually:

Plan Description Price Benefits
Monthly Individual Pay monthly, cancel anytime $10/month Flexible short-term access
Annual Individual Save 17% vs monthly $100/year Best value for regular users
Business Per-user monthly subscriptions $19/user/month Team licensing, support
Student/Educator Free for verified users $0 Open educational opportunities


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to additional common pricing questions:

Can I share my subscription?
No, licenses are individual or per user only for commercial use.

What regions is pricing available?
Pricing displayed is in USD currently, but plans to expand internationally.

Can nonprofits get discounts?
No special rates yet, but this may evolve. Standard pricing applies.

How do I cancel a subscription?
Manage or cancel subscriptions from your user settings in GitHub.

Is the free Plan truly unlimited?
The free tier has generous usage limits suitable for most individual users.

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By understanding GitHub’s flexible Copilot pricing models, you can determine the best fit for your needs as an individual, student, business, or open-source contributor. Affordable access aligns with their goal of broadening AI empowerment across all computing domains worldwide.

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