How to Create Awesome AI Cover Songs With Singify

Creating your own cover songs has never been easier thanks to Singify – an innovative AI singing voice generator that lets anyone unleash their inner artist. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the entire process of using Singify to make professional-quality covers with just a few clicks.

What is Singify?

Singify is an online tool launched by FineShare, an AI company focused on developing natural and expressive text-to-speech technologies. Using cutting-edge neural voice cloning models, Singify allows users to generate stunning cover songs by matching famous singers’ vocal styles and inflections.

Some key features include:

  • Over 100 artist voices – Choose from a vast library including Adele, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Morgan Freeman and more.
  • Easy to use – No musical skills required. Just upload an audio file, paste a YouTube link, or record your voice.
  • Multiple input options – Singify supports finding songs within the app, local file uploads, and real-time voice recordings.
  • Community sharing – Share your covers publicly and get feedback from other Singify artists.

With Singify, anyone can sound like a star simply by selecting their favorite song and artist model. The results are impressively lifelike yet still feel genuine rather than robotic.

Getting Started With Singify

To start generating covers, simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a free Singify account on the
  2. Choose an artist model by exploring Singify’s extensive voice library. You can also request new artists be added.
  3. Select an audio file – Search for songs within the app, paste YouTube links, or upload files from your device.
  4. Watch the magic happen! Singify’s AI will generate your cover within minutes. You can make adjustments and re-render as needed.
  5. Save and share your creation on social media or simply enjoy! Singify makes expressing your passion for music effortless.

Tips for Great Sounding Covers

While Singify handles the heavy lifting, there are still ways to optimize your covers:

  • Choose the right artist model – Match vocal styles like alto vs soprano for best results.
  • Select clearly recorded source files – High audio quality leads to better generated covers.
  • Trim extra silence – Remove unnecessary pauses before uploading for a cleaner render.
  • Experiment with effects – Vary reverb, delay and other tools in the editor to customize your mix.
  • Get feedback – Share drafts publicly to improve based on community suggestions.

With some trial and error, you can fine-tune Singify outputs to sound truly polished and professional. Don’t be afraid to get creative too – unusual artist pairings can produce unexpectedly awesome results!

Key Takeaways

To summarize, here are the most important things to remember about creating AI covers with Singify:

  • Singify is a free and easy to use online AI singing voice generator.
  • Over 100 artist voices are available to match different singing styles.
  • Generating covers takes just minutes using a variety of audio input methods.
  • Experiment with editing tools, audio quality, and artist pairings for the best outputs.
  • Share your creations publicly to get community feedback and improve.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, artist, or simply looking to put your own spin on favorite songs, Singify opens up endless possibilities for unleashing creativity through AI-powered covers. Start making magic with your voice today!


Is Singify free to use?

Yes, the basic features of Singify are completely free. You don’t need to pay anything to generate covers or use the online interface.

What file formats can I upload to Singify?

Singify supports commonly used audio formats like MP3, WAV, M4A and OGG. File size should be under 200MB for best results.

 How long does a cover take to generate?

Depending on your device and internet speed, Singify covers usually finish processing within just a few minutes. More complex source files may take 10-15 minutes maximum.

Can I download my finished covers?

Yes, once your Singify cover is complete you can download the final audio file in high quality MP3 format to keep forever.

 What if I don’t like the generated cover?

No problem! Singify allows you to edit song parameters, re-render the cover, or simply try a different artist model until you achieve the result you want.

Does Singify respect copyright?

Yes, Singify was designed for non-commercial use only. Uploaded content should be royalty-free or used with appropriate permissions. Be aware of copyright when sharing or monetizing generated covers publicly.

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