How To Use TikTok’s 70’s AI Filter?

Have you seen all the funky fresh videos on TikTok featuring users transformed into disco-era icons from the 1970s? It’s all thanks to TikTok’s viral 70s filter that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to give users a retro makeover fit for the Me Decade.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a deeper look at how TikTok’s 70s AI filter works its magic and provide a step-by-step tutorial for accessing and using the filter yourself. By the end, you’ll be ready to channel your inner Studio 54 vibes and teleport back to the glory days of flares, platforms, and bellbottoms. Let’s get groovy!

How the 70s Filter Works Its Magic

TikTok’s 70s filter leverages AI technology from the video editing app CapCut to analyze photos and convincingly transform users’ appearances into authentic 1970s styles. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • Hair analysis – The AI examines hair color, length, texture and style in the original photo. It then modifies these attributes to recreate popular 70s hairstyles like feathered cuts, shags, and long flowing locks full of volume and body.
  • Facial feature detection – Key facial features like the eyes, nose, lips, and chin/jawline are identified. The AI can subtly adjust the shape and proportions to match fashionable 70s beauty trends.
  • Clothing recognition – The type of garments being worn are inferred based on visible aspects. The AI transforms clothes into period-appropriate silhouettes, patterns, fabrics and styles reflective of 70s fashion.
  • Complexion analysis – Factors like skin tone, texture, shine and imperfections are evaluated. The filter then adjusts these characteristics to achieve the warm, sun-kissed glow often seen in vintage photos.
  • Visual effects – Finishing touches like a sepia color filter, added film grain and other retro photographic aesthetic tweaks complete the illusion of an authentic 1970s snapshot.

Within seconds, the user’s current appearance is digitally remastered into full 1970s glam courtesy of AI-powered stylistic alchemy. It’s a fun and convincing way to experience new wardrobes and eras without an actual time machine!

step-by-step Instructions for Using the 70s Filter

Now that we understand how the magic works behind the scenes, here are the simple steps to channel your inner disco queen or funky fresh dude using TikTok’s 70s filter:

  1. Download CapCut – As the app powers the filter, you’ll need CapCut installed on your device first. It’s free on both iOS and Android.
  2. Browse TikTok for 70s filter videos – Scan videos until you see one prominently using the filter, typically called out in captions.
  3. Follow the link to the CapCut template – Tap the “Try this template” link included in video captions to open CapCut with the filter pre-loaded.
  4. Upload photo – Select “Use Template” and choose a selfie or image to retrofit. Tap confirm.
  5. Wait for magic – Let the AI work its styling alchemy directly on your photo for a few seconds.
  6. Export and share results – Tap export when complete, save retro shot, then reshare on TikTok with hashtags like #70saesthetic.

That’s it! With just a few taps, you’ll be bell-bottom boogieing through time with a full 1970s AI filter glow-up. Keep reading for additional tips and tricks for maximizing your retro vibes using this viral effect.

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Photo Requirements and Best Practices

For best results, keep these photo guidelines in mind when using TikTok’s 70s filter:

  • Full face shots – Selfies or images showing your whole face work best versus group/environment shots.
  • Neutral backgrounds – Busy backgrounds can distract you. Plain, light colors keep the focus on your new ‘do.
  • Well-lit conditions – Good lighting lets the AI see you better for more accurate transformations.
  • Natural poses – Relaxed, casual stances look most authentic versus very posed shots.
  • Proportion guidance – Include some of your outfit/body to help AI interpret clothes and a full look.

You can also have fun incorporating period-appropriate props, locales, and stylings to dial up the retro aesthetic for a groovy 1970s vibe. Play around with different pics to find your favorite filtered look!

Customizing Your 70s Style

While the filter auto-generates one 1970s interpretation, you can further refine your results. After applying the filter once, try these tweaks:

  • Hair restyling – Adjust hair volume, parting, bangs, etc. for a new shaggy style.
  • Eyebrow shaping – Thicken, arch, or change brow shape slightly for a groovier face.
  • Makeup looks – Experiment with different lip, eye and blush colors/styles.
  • Outfit changes – Select new 1970s outfits to digitally “try on” like flares, bell bottoms or peasant dresses.

With some digital tailoring, you can find the exact 70s alter-ego look that best reflects your personality far out! Keep snapping pics and trying new styles to dial in your ultimate retro recreation.

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FAQs About TikTok’s 70s Filter

We’ve covered the basics, but here are answers to additional frequently asked questions:

  • How long does it take? – On average, the filter transformation takes 5-10 seconds once you upload a photo.
  • Device compatibility – Both the TikTok app and CapCut editor powering the effect work across Android and iOS devices.
  • Photo quality – Higher resolution selfies with more facial/style details yield the most accurate results.
  • Video application – While designed for photos, you can apply the filter as an intro clip for retro-themed videos too!
  • Multiple uses – Feel free to keep reapplying the filter with new photos to experiment with different looks.
  • Editing capabilities – You can further finesse your filtered shot within CapCut using tools like trim, filters and stickers.
  • ** Sharing options** – Export filtered photos directly from CapCut to TikTok, Instagram, texting apps and more to show off your bell-bottomed fabulousness!

So bust a move on down to the ’70s by testing out TikTok’s radical retro filter. It’s a groovy way to channel your inner hippie, disco doll or flower child without even needing a time machine, man!

Key Takeaways

To summarize, here are the top things to remember about using TikTok’s 70s AI filter:

  • Leverage CapCut app to access filter template from TikTok videos
  • Upload clear selfies with full face/outfits visible in natural lighting
  • Let AI work its magic transforming your look within seconds
  • Customize results by adjusting hair, makeup and digitally changing outfits
  • Export transformed photos directly from CapCut to share on socials
  • Keep experimenting with new pics to find your perfect 70s-inspired style
  • Add 70s flair with props, locales or poses for peak vintage authenticity

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