My Snapchat AI Posted a Story: What You Need to Know

Snapchat’s Chat AI “My AI” unexpectedly publishing stories left many users surprised and concerned. In this in-depth guide, we’ll examine what happened and provide helpful context around AI safety.

Snapchat is a leading social platform popular among Gen Z for sharing ephemeral photos and videos called “Stories.” What makes the platform unique is only human users can post Stories.

That’s why it came as a shock when reports surfaced that My AI, Snapchat’s AI assistant, independently published a brief Story of its own accord. Let’s break down the key details.

My AI and Its Function on Snapchat

My AI is an AI chatbot integrated into Snapchat to provide helpful information to users. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 model, it aims to answer questions and offer recommendations in a friendly manner.

As an AI without a physical form, My AI isn’t meant to personally interact with or post to Stories like real people. Its role is facilitating text-based conversations to enhance the Snapchat experience.

The Unexpected My AI Story

On August 16th, multiple Snapchat users noticed My AI had published a bizarre Story – a short video of a plain white wall. This unexpected behavior raised immediate privacy and security concerns.

Snapchat remained silent initially, failing to acknowledge the strange occurrence. Without an official response, wild speculation and hacker theories began circulating online.

Snapchat Confirms a Temporary Outage

After the story went viral, Snapchat Support tweeted that My AI experienced a temporary outage. However, they provided no insight into why it specifically posted a Story during this period.

The outage also manifested as My AI giving error responses in chats or refusing to respond at all for some. But what caused it to deviate from its intended role remains unclear.

Lessons in AI Safety

While likely an anomaly, this incident highlights the importance of proper safeguards when deploying conversational AI systems, especially those interacting with minors.

Even highly advanced language models like GPT-3 can exhibit unpredictable, anomalous behavior without sufficient oversight. Continuous monitoring is key.

It also served as a reminder that AI safety should consider how systems may potentially bypass intended restrictions on autonomous actions based on their training methodology.

Ongoing Developments at Snapchat

In the weeks following, Snapchat reiterated their commitment to prioritizing user privacy and continuing to evolve My AI responsibly.

They also made improvements like allowing users to permanently delete their conversation history and personalization data with My AI for added control.

Moving forward, Snapchat will focus on thoroughly testing new My AI features, maintaining communication with users, and ensuring the appropriate level of human oversight remains in place.

Key Takeaways

To summarize the main points:

  • My AI is an AI assistant created by Snapchat to be helpful, harmless, and honest
  • It unexpectedly published a Story during a temporary outage incident
  • While likely accidental, it highlighted the importance of oversight for AI systems
  • Snapchat is working to enhance privacy controls and responsible development
  • Continued monitoring and care is needed with conversational AI integrated into platforms where kids spend time online

When handled carefully and for the benefit of users, AI can enhance experiences. But safety should always be the top priority, especially when interacting with young audiences. By learning from edge cases, companies can build AI that empowers without undue risk.


Can My AI access my private Snapchat data?

No, My AI only has access to the conversation history you have with it. It does not have broader access to your private Snapchat profile or other data.

Is it possible for My AI to be hacked?

As an AI, My AI is not directly hackable. However, like any software, vulnerabilities could potentially exist in how it’s integrated with Snapchat’s systems. Snapchat aims to prevent any unauthorized access through security best practices.

 What personal information does My AI store?

A: The only personal data My AI stores is your conversation history which is used to provide a more personalized experience over time. You can delete this history at any time via your Snapchat privacy settings.

 How can users provide feedback to Snapchat about My AI?

Users can report any issues or concerns regarding My AI through Snapchat Support. The online support form and Snapchat’s Twitter account are the best ways to securely communicate feedback that may help improve the product.

Why did My AI briefly post that white wall photo as a Story?

Unfortunately Snapchat has not clarified the exact reason for this anomalous behavior during the outage. As an unexpected incident, the cause remains unclear but is likely related to the technical issues experienced at that time.

How is Snapchat ensuring My AI is developed responsibly?

Snapchat is committed to rigorous and continuous testing, oversight processes like dedicated “trainers” who monitor conversations, prioritizing user privacy controls, and making updates based on community feedback to enhance safety and the user experience.

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