How to Use Resemble AI to Create Your Own Custom Voice Assistant

Ever wish you could create your own personalized AI voice for projects, presentations, apps, and more? With Resemble AI, it’s now possible to train a custom AI voice model using only your own voice recordings.

In this in-depth guide, I’ll walk through the entire process of using Resemble AI to create a customized voice model – from setting up your account and recording lines, to fine-tuning the voice and integrating it into projects. By the end, you’ll understand how to leverage this powerful tool to generate AI voices with your unique tone and personality.

Let’s get started!

What is Resemble AI?

Resemble AI is an AI startup that allows users to train customized text-to-speech models using only a few hours of their own voice recordings. Their web-based platform handles all the heavy lifting of deep learning and neural networks to synthesize a new artificial voice that mirrors the patterns, intonations, and delivery of the input audio.

Some key features of Resemble AI include:

  • No coding required – The entire process is drag-and-drop via their user-friendly web interface. No need to install software or learn programming.
  • Fast model training – It typically only takes a few hours of recordings spread over a few days to generate a new voice model.
  • High quality voices – The synthesized voices sound natural and smooth thanks to their advanced Tacotron 2 text-to-speech architecture.
  • Unlimited usage – Once trained, you own the voice model and can use it in any application without further licensing fees to Resemble AI.

In summary, Resemble AI makes it simple and affordable for anyone to create their own customized AI voices for a wide variety of personal and commercial purposes.

Setting Up Your Resemble AI Account

The first step is to go to the Resemble AI website and sign up for a free account. Enter your name, email, and choose a password during the registration process.

You’ll then be prompted to record an introductory sample reading a short paragraph. This helps Resemble AI calibrate the recording environment and your voice characteristics before the full training.

Some tips for the intro recording:

  • Find a quiet space without much background noise
  • Use headphones with a microphone for best audio quality
  • Read at a normal pace and volume
  • Double check the recording on their preview player

Once completed, your Resemble AI dashboard will load where you can start the voice training process.

Recording Lines For Training

The core of customizing your voice model involves recording multiple short audio snippets, or “lines”, that will be used to train the text-to-speech model.

Resemble AI provides sample scripts across a variety of categories like weather reports, cooking instructions, travel guides and more. You can either use these predefined scripts or import your own text.

To start recording:

  1. Select a script category
  2. Hit “Record” for each individual line
  3. Read clearly at a natural pace
  4. Preview and re-record if needed
  5. Submit each line for review

Aim to record 2-3 lines per minute over multiple sessions to gradually improve the voice model. Get varied content covering different sentence structures and vocabulary.

Some tips:

  • Read with warmth and enthusiasm for more likable voices
  • Use consistent microphone placement and quiet environment
  • Take breaks to avoid vocal fatigue
  • Submit 150+ lines to achieve great naturalness

With practice, you’ll refine your recording technique for the highest quality audio. The goal is a large, diverse dataset for training an individualized voice model.

Training The Voice Model

Once you’ve recorded enough high quality lines, it’s time to train the actual voice model. From the dashboard, hit the “Train Model” button.

Resemble AI uses state-of-the-art machine learning under the hood during this process. The text-to-speech model will analyze patterns in your voice recordings, like prosody, stress, and intonation to synthesize a new voice that captures your unique style and mannerisms.

Training time varies based on how many lines were submitted, but typically takes 3-6 hours on their servers. You can track progress and receive model build updates via email.

Once completed, you’ll be able to preview and test out the fully generated voice model directly on the site. It may take a few iterations of further recordings and retraining to reach maximum quality and naturalness.

Fine-Tuning The Voice Model

Even after an initial successful model build, your AI voice can likely still be improved. Resemble AI provides tools for further refinement.

The first is to record additional lines focused on any weak areas, like certain sounds, word pronunciations or emotions you want strengthened.

You can also leverage their online Waveform Annotation tool. This displays spectrogram recordings alongside synthesized audio, allowing you to manually correct any mismatches by editing, truncating or appending waveforms.

These “warp points” help reduce any non-natural artifacts in the synthesized speech. A few rounds of additional annotations, recordings and retraining will lead to even higher quality.

Some fine-tuning best practices include:

  • Annotate the most noticeable errors first
  • Focus on common words and sentences
  • Re-record any remaining weak points
  • Continue training until near perfect quality

With diligence, most users report being able to achieve a voice that’s virtually indistinguishable from their real speaking voice.

Using Your Custom AI Voice

Once fully trained and fine-tuned, you’ll have unlimited access to use your very own artificial voice however you like! Resemble AI provides an API key to easily integrate the model.

Some popular use cases include:

  • Creating voice assistants, bots or avatars
  • Adding audio to presentations, videos and animations
  • Developing mobile apps, games or interactive products
  • Narrating audiobooks, documentaries or podcasts
  • Providing call center IVR systems or navigation apps
  • Building custom TTS interfaces for IoT, AR/VR or other devices

You can leverage the API in code via a client library or SDK for platforms like Node.js, Python, Java, C#, Unity and more. With the right integration, your AI voice is ready to deploy anywhere!

Key Takeaways

To summarize, here are the main points about using Resemble AI:

  • Record 150+ short audio lines with your natural voice for model training
  • The platform handles all machine learning and model building automatically
  • Continuous refinement improves quality through more recordings and annotations
  • Within hours of initial setup you can generate high quality customized voices
  • Once fully trained, you own the voice model for unlimited commercial use
  • Popular ways to apply AI voices include apps, games, presentations and more

By following this guide, anyone can harness the latest AI speech synthesis techniques to prototype and develop projects with their very own personalized artificial voice. Resemble AI makes the process accessible and repeatable without any coding expertise required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much recording is really needed?

The minimum is around 150 lines, but 300+ lines spread over varied topics leads to the most natural voices. Each additional hour of recordings improves quality.

What’s the cost to use Resemble AI?

The basic service level to create 1 voice is free forever with full access to the API. Additional paid tiers provide more storage, concurrent training and commercial usage rights.

How long does it take to complete training?

Most initial builds complete within 3-6 hours. Further refinement through annotations may require an additional 1-2 hours of training per round.

Can I edit or delete my existing voice models?

Yes, on your dashboard you can access any prior voice models to review recordings, make annotations, retrain with new data or delete the model entirely if needed.

Is the Resemble AI voice protected by copyright?

No, once fully generated the voice model is considered your intellectual property. You own the rights to use, modify and distribute that voice however you please.

Can multiple people work on the same voice?

At the free tier, only one user account can contribute to a single voice model at a time. Upgrading allows for collaborative voice creation across teams.

I hope this guide provided a thorough overview of the Resemble AI platform and process. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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