Your Ultimate Guide to Using Janitor AI for Free

Janitor AI offers a powerful yet easy way to add engaging chatbots to any website. In this in-depth guide, we’ll show you how to use Janitor AI for free and create customized conversational experiences.

What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is an AI safety startup that provides a platform for building and deploying chatbots. Through its user-friendly interface, Janitor AI enables creating chatbots tailored towards different goals like customer service, education and entertainment.

Getting Started for Free

The first step is obtaining an API key from either OpenAI or Anthropic to authenticate conversations. Then:

  1. Create a Janitor AI account
  2. Verify your email
  3. Browse pre-built chatbots or build a custom one

Janitor AI handles the technical complexity so you can focus on design.

Creating Your Own Chatbot

To build a chatbot from scratch, follow these steps:

  • Select a template like FAQ or Lead Generation bot
  • customize the name, avatar and conversational flow
  • Train responses using Janitor AI’s editor
  • Integrate it onto your website or app

Integrating Chatbots

Janitor AI provides code snippets to seamlessly embed chatbots. Options include:

  • Embedding via JavaScript
  • Adding as a widget or Floating Button
  • Integrating via APIs

Monitoring Performance

Key metrics help optimize chatbot effectiveness:

  • Conversation logs for improving responses
  • User feedback and sentiment analysis
  • Metric dashboards for throughput, uptime etc

Advanced Techniques

Pro tips for power users include:

  • Customizing color schemes, brand assets
  • Integrating additional AI services
  • Scheduling background tasks
  • white-labeling for client deployments


Q: What are the capabilities of free Janitor AI?

A: Free accounts can build 3 bots with up to 5,000 messages per month.

Q: Which languages are supported?

A: Janitor AI bots predominantly support English and Spanish currently.

Q: How secure is data handled on Janitor AI?

A: Janitor AI is GDPR and SOC2 compliant with strict security protocols.

Q: Can I Integrate additional AI models beyond Janitor?

A: Yes, Janitor AI provides an open API to integrate other third-party AI services.

Key Takeaways

To conclude, some top benefits of using Janitor AI include:

  • Free access for limited testing and production use
  • Intuitive interface for non-technical users
  • Pre-built templates reducing dev time
  • Scalable platform hosting chatbots globally
  • Tools for optimizing conversational experiences

Whether you’re an individual or large business, Janitor AI offers an seamless entrance into the world of AI chatbots without cost barriers.

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